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Integrate with Google Adwords

Connect PayWhirl to Google Adwords to track your sales by campaign, keyword, adgroup and more.

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Get Insights Into Your Ad Campaigns

With PayWhirl and Google Adwords, you can monitor sales from each source, campaign and keyword.

Track Your Sales

Find out exactly how much revenue you are earning from each keyword you bid on in Adwords.

Universal Tracking Metrics

If you direct traffic from Adwords to a landing page on your site with PayWhirl, we'll automatically pull in UTM parameters.

Maximize Your ROI

When you know how much revenue each keyword earns you, you can maximize your ROI for your ad campaigns.

Customer Data & Keywords

Cross-reference customer location, plan and LTV with your Adwords data to optimize your campaigns.

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Get started with Paywhirl and Google Adwords by creating a Google Adwords account.