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Integrate with Google Analytics

Connect PayWhirl to Google Analytics to monitor traffic, user behavior and other key metrics to your business.

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Get Insights Into Your Visitors

With PayWhirl and Google Analytics, you can monitor traffic across your PayWhirl widgets and Customer Portal.

Track Your Visitors

Monitor how far your visitors make it in the checkout process and which products and widgets are most popular.

Create Custom Events

Using PayWhirl's Custom Scripts, you can create events that log into Google Analytics. Track button clicks, form inputs and more.

Keep Customers Happy

When you know how your customers interact with your website, you can make data-based decisions to serve them better.

New Vs Returning

Monitor how many new users you are getting versus returning users. Keep an eye on acquisition and customer retention.

Don't have a Google Analytics account?

Get started with Paywhirl and Google Analytics by creating a Google Analytics account.